Member of the Board

Outstanding support in setting up the network comes above all from the high-level advisory board, whose members help with internationalization and scaling to enable even more young people to access the network.

Verena Hubertz is the founder of the Start-Up Kitchen Stories. Kitchen Stories is a video-based food platform has been downloaded over 15 million times since its launch in 2014.
Verena Hubertz

Founder and Managing Director Kitchen Stories

Tatjana Kiel is the CEO of Klitschko Ventures and is considered one of the best networked women in Germany.
Tatjana Kiel


Dominique Leikauf is very much interested in the areas of networking and diversity.

In her 10 years of professional experience she was COO of Global Digital Women, but also worked alongside Miriam Wohlfarth of RatePAY or assisted the management board of Rocket Internet.
Dominique Leikauf

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