Jury 2019

In order to award top talents in 6 categories, we were able to attract outstanding personalities from business, science and culture.

Tom Bachem has already founded and sold several companies. In the meantime, he himself is a venture capitalist and Chancellor of the Code University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.
Tom Bachem

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

As managing director of the Founder Foundation, an incubator in Bielefeld, NRW, he knows what basics people need for starting and building up companies. He has already sent several hundred people on their way accompanied.
Sebastian Borek

CEO Founders Foundation

Berlin-born Lea-Sophie Cramer is founder and managing director of AMORELIE. After studying business administration at the University of Mannheim, she first worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and then worked for Oliver Samwer at Rocket Internet GmbH.
Lea-Sophie Cramer

Founder & CEO of Amorelie

Philipp Depiereux founded Digital Consulting and Company Builder etventure with the vision to bundle in one company the experiences as an entrepreneur and innovation driver in medium-sized businesses, in the corporate world, in start-ups and in digital projects in Silicon Valley.
Philipp Depiereux

Founder & CEO etventure

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner focuses on computer graphics systems and technologies and their software architectures. In particular, he researches new principles and techniques for the real-time rendering of complex virtual 3D worlds.
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner

Professor of Computer Science

Martin Eyerer is a German techno DJ and musician. He is also a presenter on Radio Sunshine Live, where his radio show "Sunshine live Kling Klong" is broadcast every Sunday.
Martin Eyerer


As Axel Springer's Head of Human Resources, Florian Klares knows the challenges that top talents in companies have to solve every day. He himself has made a career at Axel Springer and today decides what the publishing house offers the talents of tomorrow.
Florian Klages

HR Manager Axel Springer

Diana Knodel has a doctorate in computer science and, after working in science and business, founded the education startups App Camps and Fobizz. As an EdTech entrepreneur, she is passionately committed to contemporary education.
Diana Knodel

Founder App Camps

Fränzi Kühne is the youngest German member of the supervisory board of Freenet AG. She studied law and then decided to finish her studies because she wanted to found the digital agency "Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr" in 2008.
Fränzi Kühne

Founder of TLGG

At 17, Rubin Lind is one of the youngest founders in Germany and was not awarded Founder of the Year until 2018. He develops Lernapps for students and companies. He has already collected several hundred thousand euros in investment for his projects.
Rubin Lind

Founder & CEO Skills4School GmbH & Initiator »Top Talents under 25«

Dr. Marcel Megerle dedicates his heart, brain and hand with passion to the FamilienUnternehmerTun.ch. As a scientific and especially practical expert, he shapes in his very personal way new and holistic approaches in the field of tension between family, entrepreneurship and their value(s).
Dr. Marcel Megerle

Founder and manager of the FamilienBüro FamilienUnternehmerTUN.ch

Marie Christine-Ostermann has been managing director of the family business Rullko since 2005. She made the trade association DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER known and co-founded the initiative Startupteens.
Marie-Christine Ostermann

Managing Partner Rullko Grosseinkauf

An entrepreneur with a great passion for digital education. Verena Pausder develops and markets apps for children and families worldwide. As managing director of HABA Digital Workshops and many other companies, she has experience of incredible value in many areas.
Verena Pausder

Founder & CEO of Fox & Sheep and HABA Digital Digitalwerkstätten

Dr. Andreas Rickert is Chairman of the Board of Directors of PHINEO AG. Previously, the graduate molecular biologist worked as a director at the Bertelsmann Foundation and as a project manager at the management consultancy McKinsey and as a senior specialist at the World Bank.
Andreas Rickert

CEO and Founder PHINEO

Sarna Röser is a passionate entrepreneur, networker and successor to a family business managed by the third generation. She heads the association of "DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER" and has also founded her own start-up company.
Sarna Röser

Federal chairman of the Jungen Unternehmer

Matthias Scheffelmeier has been with Ashoka since 2009; most recently, he was responsible for setting up Ashoka in Turkey, based in Istanbul. In 2012 he founded the "ChangemakerXchange" under the umbrella of Ashoka, a platform and global network for young social entrepreneurs.
Matthias Scheffelmeier

Ashoka Partner

Udo Schloemer began his career in the real estate industry. In 1997 he founded S+P Real Estate. Within the last years he invested in several dozen companies and promotes entrepreneurship in Germany like no other.
Udo Schloemer

CEO & Founder Factory Berlin

Tanja Schug is driven by passion and after 8 years with a boutique consultancy, she has chosen the path to entrepreneurship in 2018. Tanja's company, Zero Senses, cultivates intuition with leaders as a new currency for more clarity in decision-making.
Tanja Schug

Gründer & CEO Zero Senses

Hauke Schwiezer is co-founder and managing director of Startup Teens GmbH and chairman of the board of Startup Teens Netzwerk e.V. He is also chairman of the board of the »Top Talents under 25« network.
Hauke Schwiezer

Co-Founder & CEO Startup Teens

Tobias co-founded the technology start-up Entwine, led it through its acquisition by industry leader Extron, and is now looking to bring his expertise to engineering teams that strive for cross-functional, holistic thinking.
Tobias Wunden

CEO Ant Informatik AG


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