The “Top Talents under 25” award is aimed at visionary applicants of Generation Z who were born in 1995 or later.

We expressly welcome participants from all nations!

We reward participants with special talents, visionary ideas and impressive achievements who are not older than 25 years.

On the homepage you have the possibility to apply for yourself or to nominate others.

That’s not possible. A nomination serves only to inform the potential applicant and to give him or her the opportunity to apply for the award and to answer the required questions.

After the application phase has ended, the jury will take two weeks to examine the entries and decide on an award.

After the results have been determined, the winners and all participants will be informed promptly by e-mail.

When applying, you have the possibility to include links or social media profiles which of course say more about you as a person and ideally also make your special talent visible there, giving the jury a further insight.

The event will be accompanied by a magazine, the »Top Talents under 25« magazine. Each of the 30 award-winners will be portrayed there.

The “Bildzeitung” & “Cosmopolitan” are also two our media partners, reporting on selected stories about the event.


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