Rubin Lind, born 1999 in Hamm, Germany, is the founder and managing director of Skills4School GmbH. Skills4School GmbH was founded during his school days and develops e-learning platforms and software for students and companies. Rubin Lind has 12 permanent employees and 30 freelancers. 

Rubin Lind has already won several nationwide prizes with the start-up together with his team. In 2017 the initiative ” Connect Limburg” awarded him as the youngest “Young European Talent”. In 2018, he was named founder of the year by “grü”. In the following year 2019 he was awarded “20 under 20” by “”.

Rubin Lind has created »Top Talents under 25« in a joint exchange and sparring session with Hauke Schwiezer, Co-Founder & CEO Startup Teens. The aim is to make outstanding personalities and talents of his generation, Gen Z, visible.


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